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1. overview

the main purpose of the solution to monitoring energy saving and emission reduction in transportation is to build up the online monitoring and analysis application system of energy consumption in response to the needs of “green transportation”, and realize the online monitoring, pollutants detection and deduction, statistical analysis of energy consumption, management decision support and other information applications for carrying tools, transport construction project and special equipment facilities in the fields of highway, waterway and urban transportation, while providing information support for the green traffic construction.   

2. structure

the platform for energy saving and emission reduction includes the energy consumption monitoring, analysis and evaluation modules for urban public transportation, taxi, road passenger transport, and road cargo transport, as well as the energy consumption statistics and reporting module of transportation industry, energy consumption monitoring, analysis and evaluation index management module, accreditation & authorization module of energy consumption monitoring, analysis and evaluation, and integrated application module of energy consumption monitoring, analysis and evaluation. 

3. product advantages

(1) integrate the online monitoring of traffic energy consumption and emission: it helps the competent authorities grasp the real-time status and development trend of industry energy consumption and emission; 
(2) energy consumption statistics and mining analysis: it provides reporting statistics of energy saving and emission reduction, automation services and data mining analysis in the industry, reproduces the energy consumption characteristics and development laws of the industry, and assists the competent authorities in policy formulation, planning, task allocation and other decision-making work;
(3) evaluation and analysis of energy saving and emission reduction effect: for the energy saving and emission reduction measures of different industries, it uses big data and simulation means to evaluate and predict the effect of policy measures, and improves the scientific level of energy consumption emission demand management in the industry;
(4) core function maintenance management: it provides the platform management application of basic data and energy consumption emission model parameters, makes the platform more adaptive to local environment conditions, and improves the accuracy of energy consumption monitoring. 

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