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1. overview

a fod finder uses the combined technologies of low power millimeter microwave radar detection and video confirmation to detect and remove external objects. the mobile and fixed product design meets the diverse customer needs.

2. structure 


- strong detection ability
- strong operability
- full coverage of airfield pavement
- thorough patrol and fod clearing
- maximum traveling speed 48km/h
- reducing the closing hours of runway and enhancing the operating efficiency of airfield
- all-weather application (wind, rain, fog, snow, haze, heat, intense cold, daytime and night)
- strong durability and extremely low maintenance cost
- good data compatibility and high security
- 7×24h services
- world's only mobile detection & clearing system


 monitoring system for vehicle scheduling at the airport

1. overview

the system, adopting gps, gis, gprs, database and other technologies, is composed of vehicle terminal system and dispatching platform subsystem, which can realize real-time optimal scheduling and dynamic monitoring of airport vehicles.

2. structure

architecture design:
- gps unit can receive the vehicle information at the airport
- onboard terminal conveys information to the scheduling platform
- the platform carries out calculation in combination with the flight information
- the information is delivered to the onboard terminal for scheduling 

architecture design of vehicle scheduling system at the airport 

functional design:
 data management and analysis system: as the foundation of the whole system, it defines the system function of basic information maintenance.
- client communication system: it makes communication through gprs and onboard terminal, and enhances the quality of mobile communication.
- real-time scheduling monitoring system: it carries out the optimized scheduling based on the real-time information from client communication system.
- gis: it searches the vehicles at the airport, and identifies their real-time location. 

functional design of vehicle scheduling system at the airport 

3. product advantages

- geographical information data spatialization of the airport
- accurate positioning and vehicle query of onboard terminal via gps
- strong resistance to bad weather
- information record and management are favorable for precognition and analysis of safety accidents
- providing a reliable guarantee for efficient and safe operation of the airport
visual monitoring system of airport security prevention and control

1. overview

the system captures big pictures through a 180-degree panoramic camera and the details of the panorama through a high-speed ball. if you conduct point selection or frame selection arbitrarily in the panoramic screen through the mouse, the high-speed tracking ball machine will track the area instantly, which can be controlled through the mouse wheel, realizing the "big scene, small details" comprehensive airport monitoring.   

2. structure 


3. product advantages

- high image quality
- fast and easy construction and deployment
- extremely low maintenance cost
- flexible system configuration, and strong scalability & upgradability
- user-friendly interface and easy operation

optical fiber perimeter system
the optical fiber perimeter system (pids) is an economical and effective electronic fencing solution. with an advanced optical fiber sensing device, it can prevent the inaccurate positioning of the intrusion, low detection ratio and high false alarm rate for many years.
the optic fiber perimeter embeds the optical fiber senor, namely the fiber bragg grating (fbg) into the optical fiber cable, forming the sensor array. fbg sensor with high sensitivity is able to sense the minor disturbance of its physical parameters and thus trigger the response, which is translated into an alarm of intrusion by the system. under normal conditions, each sensor will reflect the particular colors to the system. once the act of intrusion like scrambling and fence cutting occurs, the stable state will be smashed, in which case the colors reflected by the sensor will change and trigger an alarm. 
functional diagram of optic fiber perimeter 

product diagram of optic fiber perimeter 

combination of optical fiber sensing and video monitoring 

3. product advantages

- convenient and easy installation
- high-intrusion detection rate
- extremely low false alarm rate
- extremely low empty alarm rate
- accurate location of the intrusion
- combination of optical fiber sensing and video monitoring

 luggage tracking system 

the system realizes the automated data acquisition throughout the process of luggage delivery, sorting, truck loading, airplane loading, downloading, luggage delivery to turnplate, and luggage pickup by passengers, and provides the powerful support the automated processing of luggage business. meanwhile, the airport, airline agencies, and group service providers can monitor each link of luggage transport, which avoids the wrong loading and transport of luggage effectively.

3. product advantages

- real-time tracking
- real-time query
- convenient and efficient
- safe and reliable 

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