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on july 5, 2017, zhang liming, general manager of china hualu group, and lin yongjun, president of beijing e-hualu information technology co., ltd., chief expert and chief engineer were invited to attend china (xuzhou) international service outsourcing cooperation conference & summit. meanwhile, president lin also attended the project signing ceremony & new project presentation, and formally entered into the cooperative agreement on china hualu huaihai data lake project with gaoxin district, xuzhou, on behalf of china hualu.   

lin yongjun attended the signing ceremony
at the conference, general manager zhang liming met zhang guohua, secretary of xuzhou municipal committee of the cpc and director of the standing committee of the municipal people’s congress, zhou tiegen, mayor and deputy secretary of xuzhou municipal committee of the cpc, xu donghai, vice mayor of xuzhou, wang weifeng, the secretary of the party work committee of gaoxin district, and other leaders, and introduced the overall situation of hualu group to leaders of xuzhou. hualu group positions itself to an it-based industry group integrating technology and culture, and has formed unique technical superiority in acquisition, storage, analysis and application of big data, especially the solution for city data lake.
big data storage is exposed to high energy consumption, high costs, insufficient data security and other difficulties. as the government-enterprise information infrastructure of dt age, the city data lake achieves the innovative combination of blue light storage and electromagnetic storage, effectively resolved the above shortcomings. upon the implementation of three-step strategy of building lake, introducing water and developing water resources, local governments can precisely serve the industrial upgrading, governance and improvement of people’s livelihood by efficient utilization of big data.
zhang liming and lin yongjun were meeting with leaders of xuzhou
at the meeting, general manager zhang liming introduced the technical superiority of hualu’s city data lake, and his conception and practice about how xuzhou huaihai data lake industry park promotes the service outsourcing industry development and economic transformation of xuzhou through big data. meanwhile, he pointed out that hualu’s development strategy must be integrated with the economic development strategy of the region, so as to achieve the objective of sharing, win-win cooperation and common development.
located at gaoxin district, xuzhou, the project of china hualu huaihai data lake industry park marks an example of successful cooperation between the state-owned enterprise and local government. the phase-i construction has been completed in 46 days under care and support of the xuzhou municipal committee and government. next step, hualu will continue its cooperation with the government of gaoxin district, and strive to develop huaihai data lake into a global model case of city data lake.

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