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the 12th people’s congress of beijing municipality of the communist party of china was unveiled on june 19, 2017. a total of 760 delegates attended the meeting. cai qi, the secretary of the cpc beijing municipal committee delivered the work report on behalf of the 11th cpc committee of beijing municipality. lin yongjun, president of beijing e-hualu company, chief expert and chief engineer attended the meeting as a representative.  

cai qi addressed in his report that, over the past five years, we defined the strategic positioning of beijing as the national center for politics, culture, international exchanges and scientific and technical innovation, proposed the strategic objective of building the international first-class harmonious and livable city, and making comprehensive deployment for coordinated development of beijing, tianjin and hebei. our objective of struggle in the coming five years: to make remarkable progress in building the international first-class harmonious and livable city, take the lead in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round manner, succeed in holding a session of excellent, extraordinary and outstanding olympic games, preliminarily form the new situation of beijing-tianjin-hebei coordinated development, mutual benefits and win-win, and to further enhance the urban development, human habitat, people’s living quality and urban competitiveness.

lin yongjun expressed in an interview that beijing’s strategic positioning is very accurate and helps unity the recognition and forge ahead toward the objective practically. closely adhering to the strategic positioning, e-hualu company will strive to be the data-centered urban internet operator following the “1+4” development strategy, so as to enhance the new functions of the capital and serve its new development.

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