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on june 13-16, 2017, the series activities of 2017 “central state-owned enterprises helping enrich people and prosper tibet & journey to tibet”, which was jointly sponsored by the provincial party committee of tibet autonomous region, the government of tibet autonomous region and the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council (sasac), was solemnly held in lhasa city. zhang liming, general manager of china hualu group, gu tongyu, vice president of beijing e-hualu information technology co., ltd. and jiang xiaochuan, general manager of tibet region were invited to attend the meeting and a series of signing activities.
through the activities, the people’s government of tibet autonomous region, sasac and the central state-owned enterprises jointly implement the important speech series of general secretary xi jinping and the important strategic measure for governance and administration featuring new concepts, new ideas and new strategies, which will deepen the exchange and cooperation between the central state-owned enterprises and tibet in an all-round manner.
on june 13, zhang liming, the general manager, and the leaders from sasac and tibet autonomous region participated in the achievement exhibition of the central state-owned enterprises in tibet, opening ceremony and signing ceremony of “central state-owned enterprises helping enrich people and prosper tibet”, the symposium between the central state-owned enterprises and prefectures in tibet, and other activities. meanwhile, gu tongyu, the vice president, and his delegates entered into the strategic cooperation agreement on smart xigaze with the people’s government of xigaze, on behalf of china hualu group.
by giving play to its advantages, e-hualu company adheres to the group’s overall strategic concept of “entry of the central state-owned enterprises to tibet with capitals and industries”, and focuses on promoting the information industry oriented to safety and stability of smart city. by centering on big data fusion platform and proceeding from safety & stability, smart traffic, smart government, smart livelihood and smart industries, e-hualu company establishes the development funds for smart urban industries and cultural industries by the mode of industry-finance combination and government-enterprise cooperation, and advances the urban construction under the new situation, so as to achieve the mutual benefits, win-win and common development of both sides.  
the activity of “central state-owned enterprises helping enrich people and prosper tibet” is a new carrier of innovative development, a new engine of green development and a new platform of opening and cooperation, and also a new starting point for e-hualu’s participation in the common development and prosperity of tibet economy.

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