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on june 15, 2017, china 15th international software & information service fair (cisis) was unveiled grandly in dalian. as a national software conference, cisis gave full play to the platform value of “steering the industry development and demonstrating the demeanor of enterprises”, and witnessed the glorious development course of information service industry. china hualu group and e-hualu were invited to attend the event, and won a few honors in the appraisal activity.   
following the concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, this edition of cisis advocates the spirit of working hard, forging ahead and keeping excellence meticulously. since its inception 60 years ago, beijing e-hualu has devoted itself to develop products and services step by step. at present, it has provided technical services for over 290 cities in china, and expanded its business to international community. it has won the “award for most spirit of ingenuity” in this fair.
meanwhile, e-hualu integrated operation coordination and emergency command solution of urban traffic (tocc) and hualu high-capacity blue-ray storage system were awarded the title of “award for the products with the most innovative competitiveness”.
in full response to the national appeal for “green traffic”, tocc products adopt the advanced technology of big data storage and computer processing, and deeply mine the traffic operation rules by the methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning, thus supporting the government decision-making. tocc platform consists of three parts: the sub-system of traffic operation monitoring & early warning and traffic video image management  - “the brightest eyes in city operation monitoring”, the sub-system of big data sharing & exchange and auxiliary decision support of integrated transportation - “the strongest brain in the big data system analysis”, and the sub-system of coordination & command of integrated traffic operation and integrated traffic information service - “the best starting point of collaborative command and information service”, which constitute the smart frame of transportation management of the new generation.
centered on blue-ray storage technology, hualu high-capacity blue-ray storage system provides the new storage solution featuring the safety, high capacity, efficiency and greenness, and can be widely applied in such industries as network communication, finance, media, medical service and scientific research & education. at present, the product has been successfully applied by facebook, state information center, national industrial and commercial bank of china, china record corporation, etc.
in the future, e-hualu will adhere to the spirit of ingenuity to constantly make independent innovation and r&d, become stronger and larger, and strive to become a name card of century-honored enterprise in the sector of china software and information service.

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