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a traffic policeman was taking a snapshot of illegal parking vehicles at night
illegal parking influences travels of citizens and causes traffic congestion, and also may result in serious traffic accidents. traffic police work from dawn to night to penalize such acts. however, it is impossible for the policeman to guard every place because the willful acts of illegal parking exist all the times... 
how can we stop illegal parking?
e-hualu embedded automatic capturing apparatus of illegal parking
a good helper for policemen 
what is the embedded automatic capturing apparatus of illegal parking? 
installed on the machine room, the device adopts the back-end analysis model and smart linked capturing by ball camera to automatically identify the license plate number, achieving the recordation of illegal parking evidence of vehicles. 1-4 ball cameras can be configured at the same time. it supports the rotating test and capturing of a few preset test positions. the special law enforcement can be realized in combination with the policies and publicity. 
product features 
back-end analysis mode: adopting the back-end analysis mode, the device needs not be connected to an off-site hd network ball camera. users can change the hd network camera to be tested by the capture apparatus, so as to enhance the utilization ratio of the device; 
the switching mode of multiple preset positions: under the fixed time or idle mode, the device can be switched to the next preset position for testing and capturing in order or randomly. 
access software of supporting data: the supporting management software developed independently can receive the videos of captured image and process from all capturing devices, and save them on the designated directory.  
authoritative test report: this product has the professional test report issued by the first bureau of the ministry of public security. 
technical parameters  
capturing apparatus 
video format: h.264, resolution of not more than 20*1080;
main control panel: 4-core main control panel of industrial grade and with low power consumption; 
operating system: embedded linux operating system; 
network interface: two 10/100m self-adaptive ethernet interfaces;
built-in interface: two usb2.0 interfaces, one tf card interface; 
appearance structure: standard 19-inch frame-typed 4u aluminum alloy casing; 
installation module: 11 sets of aluminum alloy cartridge capturing devices and two power modules;
redundancy power supply module: dual power supply; the device will switch to the other module for power supply automatically upon a failure of either of them; 
voltage of power supply: ac 220v. 

1 product display

2. qualification certificates 

3. daytime capturing effect

4. night capturing effect 

e-hualu embedded automatic capturing apparatus of illegal parking has been applied in a number of projects in xiamen, fuzhou and other regions.

the embedded automatic capturing apparatus of illegal parking is able to capture the offence constantly even on rainy days, foggy days, daytime, night or under dim light, achieving the intelligent and real-time law enforcement. a number of cases of e-hualu have proved that the device has good effect. the policeman feels at ease as long as drivers do not commit acts of illegal parking. 

don't  you want to try such a traffic law enforcement device?

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