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  in response to the call of premier li keqiang about "public entrepreneurship and public innovation", on september 28, guiyang traffic big data incubator press conference was held to formally announce the establishment of guiyang traffic big data incubator. e-hualu was invited to participate in this meeting as a support unit

  the establishment of guiyang traffic big data incubator will take the initiative to publicize traffic data to the market and establish the innovative market mechanisms as a starting point and support. combined with sophisticated technology incubator system, it shall establish a new entrepreneurship incubation platform with combination of hardware and software and integration of data, computing and business, and strive to build large data traffic industry gathering district in guiyang.
  big data is the key enabling technology for all areas of the city to achieve the "smart". in the future, e-hualu will take full advantage of government demand, integrate multiple information resources, use its own technology advantage and strive to assist the traffic data construction of guiyang city in enhancing the capacity of transport services, gathering data industry clustering, mining multi data value and other aspects.

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