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  sponsored by the sasac and hosted by china guangdong nuclear power, the first session of the "china guangdong nuclear power cup" vocational skills competition was officially opened on september 22 in daya bay nuclear power base, shenzhen. the contest has

  further enhanced modern management level of china's large and medium enterprises archives business by showing the outcomes of the central enterprises in the records management. china hualu group's project of "large-capacity optical disk library based smart archive system" will debut in the tournament along with hualu blu-ray disc library products!
  hualu "large-capacity optical disk library based smart archive system" mainly aims to solve problems in the current archives management of digitization, management standards and heterogeneous remote backup. by use of magneto-optical integration storage mode, it achieves secure archival data storage and convenient access; disk array saves file data with higher access frequency to meet storage needs of instant access of online phase data; the blu-ray disc library saves valuable and infrequently accessed archival data to meet data storage in the offline archiving stage; it provides over 100tb capacity of security storage to meet the needs of heterogeneous offsite backup. among them, the blu-ray disc library mainly relies on hualu owned blu-ray storage technology with high reliability and large storage capacity. the reliable storage time of blu-ray disc is more than 50 years and single disc has a storage capacity of 100g; each optical disk library can store the capacity of 108t and can unlimitedly expand disc library storage capacity by replacing the disc cassette. with great advantages in anti-tamper, anti-virus, simple storage conditions, long storage life and low power consumption, it is the best choice for mass data storage in big data era.

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