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  on september 11, 2015, the fifth smart exposition was opened in ningbo international convention and exhibition center. it was jointly sponsored by eight provincial units including the ministry of industry and information technology, the state press and publication administration of radio and television, chinese academy of sciences and zhejiang provincial people's government. it is the first national key exhibition with "smart city" as the theme and is one of the specially cultivated shows in the "second five-year" plan period. the theme is "collection of smart applications and building smart city"; beijing e-hualu company was also invited to participate in the exhibition.

  during the exhibition, e-hualu company showcased the smart city’s top-level design management concept of "a center, four systems and a number of system engineering”, demonstrated to the guests through the simulation demonstration the atms 5 intelligent traffic management system, hunting supervision system, blu-ray storage and other smart transportation and public safety solutions and products, and fully demonstrated the powerful strength of e-hualu in technology innovation and high-end research and development. at the same time, ehualu company also attended the opening ceremony, forums and other activities.

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