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  at the call of the national "internet +" strategy, with the policy support of "shichuang 20 rules" of beijing's shijingshan district government, e-hualu recorded 2015 as "the first year for internet development" of the company and proposed the strategy of fusion of science and technology and culture as well as offline and online integration; while playing the role of traditional business, it will also hatch a new growth point in the internet business to achieve true innovation in technology, product, marketing, management and other aspects.

  on september 2, e-hualu controlled subsidiary company beijing gaocheng technology development co., ltd. was reorganized for listing; the strategic direction after the reorganization is "internet + transport". gaocheng technology is an important platform to carry e-hualu big data services and internet strategy and the reorganization will push the company’s "internet + traffic" strategy to a new height.

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