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  on the morning of july 27, chairman of the china internet development foundation li ma and his party arrived at e + chuangke incubation center of the beijing hualu building for inspection and guidance; president of e-hualu company yongjun lin and technical director guoli zhang accompanied in the visit.
  in the ensuing discussion, president yongjun lin delivered a work report on the contents of the design concept of the incubation center, service policies and business alliances. compared to the traditional business incubators, e-hualu e + chuangke incubation center has the resource advantages of central enterprises and the innovative vitality of listed companies, combines offline incubation and online incubation with services covering all aspects of industry technical guidance, investment and financial services, business training and coaching, specialized financial consulting, policy consulting, intellectual property services and personnel recruitment.
  e + chuangke incubation center is the only national central enterprise with clear transformation of the internet platform; chairman li ma gave full recognition for the incubation center providing "whole process and comprehensive" service; especially for the alliance business service model of "large-scale public funds + incubators + shared service", he encourages entrepreneurial team to continue to carry forward the innovative spirit of pioneers and climb new heights in the innovation and entrepreneurial project of smart city field.


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