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  on july 22, 2015, ali cloud sharing day x yunqi conference was held in beijing; the event is around the dt world’s ecology, six elements, enterprise-class internet infrastructure, ecological security, the future technology and other topics; combined with 40 global cooperation ecology partners and industry leaders, it showed a pair of "riverside scene at qingming festival" on dt era; beijing e-hualu company was invited to be exhibitor as an important partner of ali cloud.

  in the event, with hualu smart city operating platform as the basis, beijing e-hualu showed the smart urban operation management center, smart yunting and blu-ray storage products which received praise of the guests. beijing e-hualu is china hualu group's holding company; china hualu group has the national most complete digital high-definition audio and video chain and the reputation of "china hd first brand". developed by relying on hualu self-owned blu-ray technology, the unique high-capacity blu-ray storage products will open a new model of data storage under the baptism of cloud computation and big data era.


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